BARBIS provides affordable, long-term premises and support to artists in Dunbar and East Lothian, giving them studio and exhibition space, representation and artistic management. In addition, we will provide financial support and facilities for internally renowned artists that wish to come to Scotland, for periods varying from a month to a year, to produce work and engage with the Scottish creative industry. This involves funding travel expenses, providing accommodation and supporting their careers through engagement with others involved in BARBIS.

Our purpose is to provide local communities with high quality creative amenities and free creative learning opportunities through establishing a creative hub that attracts international attention and talent. Using our resources we will support mid- to early-career artists and craftspeople to manage their careers and exhibit work, both in the local area and internationally. Based on Spott Road we will re-utilise brown-field, post-industrial spaces in the Dunbar area, bringing them into a modern, ecologically friendly future and making them work for the benefit of local communities. All of our work will strive to support artists’ careers and offer opportunities to our local community through bold, inclusive and high-profile activities that can effectively capitalise on creative skills to enable further creative and community developments.

By bringing acclaimed international artists to the area, for up to 12 months, BARBIS will generate attention and tourism for East Lothian, spreading the cultural and financial capital of high calibre exhibitions beyond Edinburgh and enhancing East Lothian’s cultural standing on a national and international level. This year, we will have at least four exhibitions at the Edinburgh Art

Festival at venues across East Lothian, which will provide unprecedented access and engagement with high quality, prestigious artists and their works. BARBIS will give further opportunities for creative engagement through our free education and affordable studio programmes, which we will be developing with our international residents. Through the combination of our creative programmes we will encourage stronger, vibrant, resilient and inclusive communities by supporting East Lothian’s creative talents and heightening the area’s creative profile for the benefit of local communities.

BARBIS essentially, aims to dramatically increase the accessibility and acclaim for the arts in East Lothian and showcase the creative pursuits of its residents.

Elisabeth Molin, Race, Video Still 2016 

Elisabeth Molin, Race, Video Still 2016